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Choose our affordable delivery service for a hassle-free and reliable option. Our dedicated staff personally handles deliveries to ensure your order arrives in pristine condition and on time. Benefit from lower rates compared to commercial trucking companies and the expertise of our experienced drivers, guaranteeing the safe arrival of your items. 

“For a seamless delivery experience, trust our team to transport your order securely and affordably.”

Avoid costly shipping fees for poles over 27 feet by opting for our personalized delivery service. With attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process for your convenience.

When choosing delivery with Noisy Creek Adventures, please note our minimum cost of $500, which is less than half the industry standard. To optimize our delivery efficiency, customers may need to be grouped in a specific direction for cost-effective delivery. Our circuit system allows us to deliver multiple sets on one trailer load, saving you money. While we aim to accommodate all requests, patience may be needed as we cannot deliver long distances for small orders. This approach helps us provide affordable services without compromising on quality.


 Opt for the pick-up option at our location for a convenient and efficient collection process. Ensure your vehicle is equipped to carry up to 300 pounds of cargo and comply with Wisconsin state laws, allowing a three-foot overhang in front and unlimited overhang at the rear.

Remember to mark any cargo extending over three feet during daylight hours with a 12-inch by 12-inch red flag and use a red light at night for safety.

Streamline your pick-up experience by following transportation guidelines and safety measures. With proper preparation, including the use of suitable carrying equipment and adherence to state regulations, you can collect your order hassle-free and transport it securely to its destination.

Why choose us to deliver?

Experience the convenience of our affordable delivery service, where your tipi poles are personally handled with utmost care from our staff to your doorstep. Unlike commercial trucking companies, we prioritize the safe transport of your poles, recognizing them as valuable works of art rather than mere logs. Our dedicated drivers meticulously plan delivery routes to maximize cost-efficiency for every customer, ensuring reliable and timely service.

Benefit from cost-effective rates compared to traditional trucking companies, with our experienced drivers guaranteeing your tipi poles’ safe and prompt arrival. Personalized delivery not only saves you money on shipping but also provides peace of mind, as your poles are safeguarded throughout transit. Take advantage of shipping discounts for bulk orders of 100 or more poles, further enhancing the value and affordability of our delivery services.

WE OFFER PREMIUM DELIVERY SERVICES: We stock and personally deliver poles up to 40 ft. long using our custom open trailers , surpassing industry standards. Say goodbye to the limitations of the conventional 27 ft. mark, as we provide unmatched flexibility and convenience for your Tipi Pole needs.

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