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Welcome to Noisy Creek Adventures Tipi Poles!

While tipi poles are our bread and butter, we also craft other specialty products like stakes & pins. With nationwide shipping and personal delivery, discover our reliable and expertly crafted goods today!

Check back for additional products we may start offering.


We craft more then just tipi poles


Enhance your tipi experience with our handcrafted Tipi Stakes made from alder wood that are expertly sanded, oiled, and designed for optimal durability. 

LACE PINS | $6.00 EA

Enhance your tipi experience with our handcrafted Lace Pins made from diamond willow wood that are sanded, oiled, and expertly designed for long-lasting preservation. Discover quality craftsmanship!

Lean To Poles Set | $250

Our lean-to poles are available in a convenient 13-piece package set, which includes a variety of forked and straight poles to meet your tent setup requirements.

The set includes:

  • 2x forked poles (7′ long)
  • 2x forked poles (3′ long)
  • 2x forked flap props (9′ long)
  • 4x straight poles (11′ long)
  • 3x straight cross poles (11′ – 13′ long)

The materials used are peeled and dried, with the forked poles made from hardwood and the straight cross poles made from Balsam fir. Additionally, we offer customization options to tailor a set of poles to your specific tent needs by providing us with the diameters and lengths required.


When not in use, tipi pole accessories like stakes and pins should always be stored in a dry, weather-safe location. Please also ensure that they are well supported, as this will avoid warping of the wood.


Quick Overview of our process for quality results:

At Noisy Creek Adventures, we start by sanding the wood and applying a wood preservative for a smooth finish and better absorption. We use a mix of linseed oil and mineral spirits for extra protection. Stakes and pins are coated with two layers of preservative for water resistance and durability. Storing them properly when not in use will prevent warping.


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