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About Noisy Creek Adventures

Welcome to Noisy Creek Adventures Tipi Poles! Our journey began in the mid-1960s when our founder, Jim Suffield, started handcrafting exceptional tipi poles from Northern Wisconsin’s Balsam Fir trees. Discovering the region’s tall and straight trees ideal for tipi poles, Jim’s craftsmanship soon gained popularity. As orders poured in, his passion turned into a successful business venture.

After working alongside Jim for over two decades, Jeff Everson assumed ownership of the company in the early 1990s. Jeff continued the tradition of producing top-quality tipi poles, ensuring their reliability and durability while ensuring environmental sustainability. He takes great pleasure in personally delivering the tipi poles to customers across the USA, forging lasting friendships along the way.


High Quality

At Noisy Creek Adventures, we exclusively freshly cut and peel locally sourced Balsam Fir trees with sturdy trunks and a diameter ranging from 3 to 4.5 inches. By using these carefully selected poles, we guarantee outstanding performance and suitability for any tipi design. Our handcrafted wooden poles are available in various sizes, from 10 to over 35 feet.

We Set The Tipi Pole Standard

We Deliver

With nationwide shipping and personal delivery by our dedicated team, obtaining your new tipi poles has never been easier or more affordable.

Sustainable Products

We are proud of our sustainable production process!

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